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Benefits of Systemic Coaching Skills

As a successful leader or organizational developer, you have to have enough understanding about these changes and their impacts. Learning systemic coaching skills can help you with that.


Challenges in Choosing Team Project Members

Choosing team members is something we do all the time. Starting from the playground all the way through our lives, we make the decision to who to work with which have influence in our individual and collective successes.


The role of wisdom in the coach/mentor -AI partnership

In all the major models of human maturity, two qualities recur constantly: wisdom and connectedness. Wisdom, as exemplified by the original mentor, Athene, relates to the process of reflection upon and learning from experience. The scope of wisdom is therefore associated with and to some extent limited by the range of experiences, to which a person is exposed, either directly or vicariously, intendedly or unintendedly.


Without appreciation you cannot inspire

Management teams face the same problems as all teams around the world: common goals and joint decisions are lacking, interaction is of low quality and the team members do not feel valued. These issues need to be solved, if the team wants to be successful.


How to Empower your Management Team?

When was the last time you have exposed your vulnerability to your management team? When was the last time, that you admitted that something was difficult or emotionally straining for you?


Learning and growing

As I’m sitting here, in the middle of a Shanghaian subway station suburb, writing this blog post about learning, a group of old people comes sit to the table next to me. I listen to them being their loud, own selves, making fun of each other and enjoying beer and tea on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.


Helping your coachee develop resilience

In challenging working environments, resilience is increasingly an essential competence. People, who are resilient, are better able to cope with unexpected change, with setbacks and disappointments, with high stress environments and with periods of excessive workload.


Attitude is Crucial

Wоrkіng wіth a соасh іѕ an enlightening life сhаngіng experience. Cоасhіng can аѕѕіѕtѕ уоu in gеttіng аhеаd іn lіfе bу рuttіng kеу components in order, to rеасh your full potential, both іn уоur professional аnd personal lіfе.


Five modes of questioning

Asking questions is something we do all the time. It’s essential to how we learn, how we keep safe, how we collaborate with other people, how we make decisions, and so on… It’s a core skill of being human, yet few people stop to think about how they ask questions or whether they could be better at doing so.


The core traits of truly effective coaches, mentors and leaders

A vast amount has been written about the competencies of coaches and mentors, and even more about the qualities of great leaders. Much of this is contradictory and dependent on circumstance or context.


Psychodrama and Resistance

What words do you use to describe your most difficult and resistant clients or groups? Sarcastic, demeaning, stubborn, obstinate, aggressive, uninvolved, defensive, sleepy, passive, etc. . . .you know which ones you have experienced and which are the hardest for you personally to deal with.


Mentoroi itsellesi tokenemistaitoa, resilienssiä

Resilienssi tarkoittaa kykyä selviytyä äkillisten muutosten ja myrskyjen keskellä. Käsite on laajentunut traumaattisten kokemusten kohtaamisesta kattamaan työyhteisöissä tapahtuvia murroksia ja muutoksia.


Järjestöjohtajakin tarvitsee valmentavan mentorin

Valmentava mentorointi on nousemassa entistä keskeisemmäksi tekijäksi organisaatioiden kehittämismenetelmien joukossa. Mentorointihankkeiden voima piilee siinä, että se sitouttaa mentorit ja mentoroitavat ottamaan itse vastuuta omasta kehittymisestään.


Mentorimonologeista valmentavaan mentorointiin

Suomalaisessa mentorointiperimästä löytyy paljon samanlaisia tarinoita. Kokeneet mentorit pitävät monologeja ja kuvittelevat siten siirtävänsä osaamistaan toiselle. Mentori näkee tällöin osaamisensa absoluuttisena, koska hän näkee tehtäväkseen kertoa omaa kokemustaan ja viisauttaan toiselle.

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