The courage to take on challenges and the realism in taking action – these are the core skills that every leader and work community needs in order to successfully navigate amidst the risks and the opportunities presenting.

Carola Lindholm-Gerlin has been supporting the change and development of leaders and businesses since the beginning of the 90’s. Her managerial career began back in the 80’s in SKOP, one of the few Finnish banks that went bankrupt. This forced Carola to understand how to build trust between individuals, in groups and in companies facing crises and significant growth challenges. Building on more than two decades of experience, Carola enthusiastically and joyfully invites individuals, teams, and organizations to develop.

Carola’s work methods are based on experiential learning, systems theory, neuroscience, as well as a strong solution focus. She has a M.Sc. in Education, in addition to which she is an ICF-certified coach. She is also a certified facilitator of Coaching Leadership Pulse®, PeiliTM and PeiliTM leadership assessmentTM.