As a management and leadership specialist, I am driven by the personal reward of watching my clients enhance their unique managerial culture through developing and enhancing collaborative skills which thereby heighten the effectiveness of the team and better outcomes for their company. I frequently discuss the progress of the organization with the client in order to influence the critical issues that lead to change. In practice, this means increasing the client’s resilience and developing a systemic approach with the purpose of seeing the whole picture.

A strong emphasis on experience and enthusiasm is essential for each individual and organization. If the time spent on unnecessary structures or gruelling habits is instead being vested in human resources and the release of positive energy, the organization is then a step closer to becoming a meaningful community. Consequently, we remember the people who impacted us into believing in our abilities. Importantly, the belief in others is the cornerstone for coaching, as well as encouragement received from leaders. Even though personal experience of being capable is essential, seeing the potential in others is an empowering experience for others as well. Unfortunately, people’s energy is too often being harnessed through vague objectives, too difficult to connect to one’s personal tasks. In these instances, I can be of great assistance.

My journey as a coach began more than a dozen years ago. Prior to that, I worked as a coach for numerous organizations both national and international. In addition, I have been responsible for the planning and implementation of large-scale management and development processes.

Before my coaching career, I was a athlete and a sprinter, and gained experience by working in sales, customer service and marketing. I am an expert in individual and team coaching in leadership, leadership development and leadership coaching.

I am a concrete and clear coach with an endless faith in others and a reputation for being delightfully demanding. I know how to get to the core of the issue. During my first years as a coach, I concentrated on customer service and sales, but over the years, my focus shifted towards coaching leadership and the impacting the whole organization. I do not believe other forms of leading people are as effective.

Currently, I work in collaboration with BoMentis Ltd. and Coaching House Ltd. to its customers’ needs.

I am a Bachelor in Business Administration and a certified executive coach. I have also studied positive psychology and problem solving.

My working languages are Finnish and English.

Jukka Sundberg
  +358 40 5454 818