Make things simple! Leadership improves, processes work more efficiently and the results are better if unnecessary complexities are plucked out.

Rasmus is a trusted advisor and coach that has helped both large and smaller organizations to enhance their processes and management. He is at his best when finding new approaches and new practices. Often the answer lies in decreasing the complexity of the existing ways of working. Rasmus is very good at quickly discovering the core issues and root problems and help people understand and resolve them.

Rasmus has developed organizations and their management for almost 20 years. He has experience in a wide range of different industries. Rasmus enjoys taking action and transferring ideas and concepts to a practical level. He believes in personal influence and finding an individual’s internal motivation. As working languages he uses Finnish, Swedish and English.

Rasmus has a Master’s degree from the University of Helsinki, he is an ICF-certified coach (ACC) as well as a certified NLP Practitioner.

Rasmus Nybergh