I have worked in our family company BoMentis since the year 2008. In the beginning, I worked as an assistant and a translator, but gradually I got more and more interested also in coaching and leadership. I went through Coaching House‘s InSys – Systemic Business Coach -training program in the year 2012-2013. From the first day of the training, I’ve been hooked into coaching’s power and possibilities. The humanistic/people-approach and the thought, that I can help the coachee to think and develop their own actions in business coaching intrigue me.

The way we treat other people is crucially important. Presence and a true interest towards other people are important values for me, which I cherish in my work and free time alike. I am interested in different challenges and going outside my own comfort zone. I see the possibilities of virtual coaching and I am delighted to work with customers, who want to take the next step in their own development as an expert and/or leader. Coaching is a incomparable help in all aspects of life, also in work-life.

Currently, I am studying international relations at Hawaii Pacific University. Previously I studied in Chinese at Fudan University in Shanghai. In addition, I am an ICF-certified coach (ACC) and rhythmic gymnastics coach and judge (certified by the Finnish gymnastics federation).

My working languages are Finnish, English and Chinese.

Victoria Ristikangas