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Marjut Alatalo

Executive Coach

The changing world forces us to renew our leadership styles. But what is best about this change is that this new era of working life offers us the opportunity for a new kind of leadership.

Marjut is dynamic, open-minded professional full of energy. Her ability to listen, understand and find solutions is amazing. She inspires, motivates and supports people she is training. To work with her is really productive, successful and fun.

Starting new operations and consolidating them into practice is often troublesome and time-consuming. As a naturally practical person, her actions are guided by pragmatism that allows participants to create new ideas and see more possibilities versus threats. As a trainer, her strength lies on her pragmatism. She challenges participants to think about which practical situations they would like to learn to handle better and learn how to export models into practice. She values the importance of participant’s self-realization.

Marjut is a passionate promoter of coaching leadership, coaching skills and management development. She combines continuous development, business understanding and an individual’s sensitivity to change to a development process which is both pragmatic and goal-oriented. Marjut is an inspiring hands-on coach, and her warmhearted and engaging style has been applauded by many participants.

Marjut has 25 years of leadership experience and over 15 years of coaching experience. Marjut is goal-oriented, supportive and a conversational veteran leader. Coaching has always been close to her heart, and she is an active member in ICF Finland. Marjut is a Bachelor of International Business Administration (BBA), with an additional pedagogical qualification. She is also an ICF certified coach (PCC).


  • Developmental Mentoring (Valmentava mentorointi, Kauppakamari, 2019)
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