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Pillar Cheat Sheet©

Pillar Cheat Sheet© is based on a solution-focused concept of learning. The coach and the coachee focus their attention from the present to the future.

Pillar Model® is a framework created by BoMentis coaches, which is used to apply coaching-based leadership. The Pillar Model® has five phases that guide the conversation from the current state to the goal state. The Pillar Model® was introduced in the book Coaching-based Leadership (Valmentava johtajuus, Ristikangas & Ristikangas, 2019, 7th edition).

The Pillar Model has been formulated into the Pillar Cheat Sheet©, which was been used successfully by leaders, managers, HR professionals and experts for over 10 years. The Cheat Sheet© is a laminated durable card consisting of the Pillar Model® framework and example questions for each of the five phases.

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