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Become a team coaching professional

Systemic Team Coach©

Finland’s only systemic team coaching training program!

The Systemic Team Coach© training is meant for professionals interested in coaching teams or enhancing their competencies as a coach and trainer. A systemic team coach can make the teamwork towards a joint goal even amidst change and uncertainty. They also have powerful tools for developing the communication of and for undoing emerging tensions within the team.

The Systemic Team Coach© training digs deep into the methods of team coaching. Learning at BoMentis Coaching House is based on exploring clients real team situations and using a systemic approach and techniques to tackle them.

The program links tested practical tools to the newest know-how in group dynamics, goal-centered coaching and comprehensive systems thinking. During the training, the participant learns the skills needed to design and run an effective learning process in their own or their clients’ team.

During the training, you will

  • learn to use systemic tools in everyday team situations
  • acquire the courage and assimilate the tools for facing challenging team situations
  • increase your knowledge of team dynamics
  • learn to channel the energy of the team in one direction
  • be part of the development of Finnish professional team coaches

A unique coaching training

We as BoMentis, Coaching House, are the forerunners of the development of team coaching, and we belong e.g. to the International Global Team Coaching Institute. The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) is part of the WBECS network, where led by professors David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins, we are creating joint practices in how to coach teams.

Inquire more information from Anna Lönnroth, +358 40 5033 337,


6 months


4500 € + VAT

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Systemic Team Coach  IN FINNISH


BoMentis, Linnoitustie 4 A, Violin-talo, 02600 Espoo



Team Coaching Experiences

Case Boehringer Ingelheim Finland

Training: Team Coaching

Amos Gyllenbögel, Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Finland opens up about his team coaching experiences to Anna Lönnroth. ”We saw very quickly that it was a good investment to bring in an external team coach. Even if it takes some time, team coaching, in the long term helps us to save time. Because of team coaching, we are now stronger as a team.”

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