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We make coaching-based leadership culture a reality

We believe in coaching-based leadership that creates a foundation for a culture of success. We train the management teams and other teams to become stellar teams, where everyone can exceed themselves. In our participatory training programs people become enthusiastic, which creates better results as enthusiastic people are more committed and able to do more.

Our training programs take into account three perspectives, which create a self-nurturing circle of success.

1 We train people to become high-performers, who are able to deliver good leadership in daily leadership practices.
2 We train teams to work seamlessly and to work together towards a common coal.
3 We develop individual skills that allow people to give their best as team members.
Coaching-based leadership culture
1 Leadership and management strengthens
2 Management teams and teams succeed
3 Individuals exceed themselves

There is no patent solution for renewal, change or development challenges, so we tailor the training package to each individual business situation.

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The effectiveness of management teams and good leadership consists of the sum of many factors

Coaching-based leadership requires many skills, all of which relate to management team and leadership development, as well as individual and team development. The success of management teams and teams is built on developing the core coaching-based leadership skills such as facilitation, coaching, giving and receiving feedback, collaboration, and interaction, and resilience.

Our training programs strengthen the understanding of systemic thinking, which is an integral part of coaching-based leadership. Systemic thinking helps individuals to identify how the surrounding reality directs thinking and action. One is more capable of influencing the things they want in a way that they want is possible through a growing systemic understanding.

Let’s discuss together about how we can help your company!

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Our goal is to create a long-lasting impact

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Effectiveness takes time. Therefore, we do not believe in one-time training or lecturing. Instead, our training programs have been created into goal-oriented and long-term entities with long-lasting effectiveness.

1 Before the training
2 Training
3 Follow-up
Before the training
  • Discussion about the goals, learning requirements and the focus areas
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
  • A participatory training approach
  • Incorporating the training topics into everyday work
  • Assessing the efficiency of the training
  • Feedback
  • Plan on how to continue collaboration

We use proven tools in our training, most of which have been developed by our trainers. We are happy to make coaching-based leadership a reality in your company, through formulating a solution that works for you and which meets your needs.

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