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Book Sample: Stellar Management Teams

Mutual trust is by far one of the most important features of a successful management team. It creates energy and allows space for team development. To create trust, management teams need to focus their attention on how trust is built within their team.

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The Self Help Guide For Management Teams Diagnosis: Management team swell

Management team swell occurs when the management teams action becomes blurred and decision-making paralyzed. It is caused by too shallow thinking. Its symptoms are that the management team wants to decide on operational matters instead of strategy. How to cure this disease?

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Tool: We as a team

Reserve some 20 minutes of your time in the next management team meeting and crystallize your teams as-is-state and your teams to-be-state. The tool is from the book Stellar Management Teams (2018).

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Facilitator Core-Competencies

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) has created a document with the core competencies of facilitators. Through these core competencies you are able to assess and develop your own capability to as a facilitator to work with different kinds of teams.

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