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Become a change professional with coaching skills

Systemic Business Coach®

The Systemic Business Coach® training provides the participants with a wide range of skills needed for acting as an internal coach or a coaching leader. These include the core competencies of a coach, the code of conduct and the use of effective coaching models. The content of this accredited training is based on the requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Systems theory expands the meaning of coaching and provides the coach with fresh, live tools. With individuals, methods like the culture dynamo or the network map enrich the coaching relationship and help the coachee to insights encompassing the larger system and finding steps for the change wanted. The supportive learning atmosphere in the training group enables on the spot experiential learning.

One of the trainers in Systemic Business Coach® training is professor Clutterbuck. His expertize will truly give you a unique experience!

The international Systemic Business Coach® training combines the ideas of Jacob Levi Moreno, pioneer of the social psychology of groups, and the latest research in systems theory by professor Peter Hawkins, professor David Clutterbuck and psychologist John Whittington.

In the Systemic Business Coach® training, you will take part of the experience and know-how of first class experts in organizational business coaching. Moreover, you will have the unique opportunity to find out about newest technology in virtual systemic coaching.

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6 months


Price for organizations 4 500 € + VAT

Price for individuals 3 200 € + VAT

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Systemic Business Coach® live training IN FINNISH (22)

BoMentis, Linnoitustie 4 A, Violin-talo, 02600 Espoo

25.1.2022 – 22.6.2022


Systemic Business Coach® was an empowering experience

Case Evira

Training program: Systemic Business Coach®

Systemic Business Coach® training was an extremely empowering experience. After going through the training, I gained a whole new understanding of my environment and it strengthened my understanding of how important it is to be aware of the systems that we have around us. 

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