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ProReal to be used in a wider range of fields!


A study conducted by Mick Cooper, Evi Chryssafidou, Biljana van Rijn from the University of Roehampton Metanoia Institute in June 2016 revealed interesting findings about the ProReal tool and its implication and usage in a youth counselling environment. ProReal is an avatar-based therapeutic tool in which people can create a visual representation of their inner and outer worlds. The study incorporated a mixed method evaluation with three main components, mixing quantitative data and interviews from both clients and counsellors about their experiences and perceptions of using ProReal in the therapeutic work. The study conducted 54 people, aged 11-18 years old across England.

Significant reductions in distress

The evidence suggests that ProReal used in the counselling environment is associated with significant reductions in psychological distress. We can conduct that ProReal is a useful tool in supporting therapeutic work with a range of clients and especially boys and clients with verbal expression difficulties. Therefore, ProReal as a tool should be considered to be adopted into the resource bank of therapists and councellors as well as in the coaching world.

You have the ability to get to familiarize yourself with ProReal during our Systemic Business Coach® training. 

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