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Three Tips on How to be the Leader that People Will Remember


It’s no news that organizations face multiple needs to adapt to changes in their operational environments. For instance, millennials’ values differ partly drastically from middle-agers’. Expectations of what makes a good leader are no longer the same as they were a decade ago. Teams and collaboration are nowadays more and more based on short-term projects instead of a static hierarchy. To be functional and successful in changing systems, leadership needs to renew.

Towards coaching leadership

Being just a manager or a leader isn’t enough anymore. It’s essential to learn new skills and roles to develop versatility. Combining skills and a mindset of a coach with a role of a manager and a leader enhances coaching leadership, which affects positively on leaders’ interpersonal competencies.
A coaching leader supports the growth of potential in others e.g. by asking powerful questions and giving both supportive positive and critical feedback. It’s a way to lead people by letting others step into the light and show how good they are. Coaching leadership culture also helps organizations to unleash their hidden potentials.

Be a star and let others show their true talent

Wouldn’t you want to be remembered as a leader that others identify as the best leader of all the time? In a training session, my colleague asked our trainees to think about the best leader they’ve had and name one thing that made him/her great. Do you want to know what they said? The best leader was present, s/he listened and was supportive in a practical and mental level. The best leader had faith in people, supported their professional growth and encouraged people to chase their dreams. The common theme in all the answers was the supportive coaching leadership style.
Of course, there are people who have a natural talent to adapt coaching in their ways of interacting with others and who have an innate understanding of systemic thinking. The rest of us need to learn it by training. The good news is, that almost everybody can learn those skills! The best way to start a journey is to participate in a training that contains both theory and practice about coaching leadership. In my experience, participation can truly be an eye-opening experience in many ways.

How to be an excellent leader?

  1. Be present and listen attentively
  2. Support in practice and on a mental level
  3. Encourage people to chase their dreams

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