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Annukka Sumkin

Executive Coach

I enjoy working with different type of teams and individuals. It is important for me to be there in supporting their development both in achieving their goals as well as their occupational wellbeing. Coaching leadership style, clear common goals and excellent communication and interaction skills are important success factors in work communities.

Great leadership and management skills are a critical success factor. A coaching leadership approach creates the conditions for building an enthusiastic, motivated, wellbeing and goal-oriented team and successful operation. Team coaching is an excellent way to create, develop and finetune the teams’ common understanding of operational goals and best practices.

When there is a coaching approach in leadership and the team’s full potential is utilized, results can be seen, heard and felt. Annukka strongly believes in the empowering effect of a truly common goal and active co-operation. When everyone has a common understanding of the goals and how they can be achieved, the team’s commitment to achieve them comes naturally. The visible effects of this in the working environment are substantial. Team coaching is a great way to create a unified understanding of the direction, quality and quantity of operations.

Trust, excellent communication and interaction skills, and the ability and desire to understand different kinds of people and their ways of working are the key factors in building and developing teams’ performance towards a top level. Leading and coaching the people and managing the processes is Annukka’s long-term passion. Annukka’s own experience in leading teams with coaching approach, developing business processes and development of teams’ competencies in sales and marketing gives her excellent conditions to operate even in the most demanding environments. She has led teams both in Finland and internationally.

As a coach, Annukka has the ability to quickly understand the overall picture of the situation at the same time as she also notices the details, thus supporting the goal-reaching of coaching sessions. Activational questions, true desire to listen and willingness to understand diversity is the starting point for development and growth. Her working languages are Finnish and English..

Own Training and commitments

Annukka has recently attended such courses as Systemic Business Coach®, Systemic Team Coach©, digital expert in sales and marketing, HR for strategy to practice, facilitation expertise. Annukka is also an ICF- certified coach (ACC) and ICF- certified in eg. using the Coaching Leadership Pulse® team assessment tool. She is also a member of Finnish Coaching Association and is a member of Board of Keravan Yrittäjät Ry.

As a leadership and team coach Annukka

  • Focuses and develops goal oriented working processes and methods and team working skills
  • Helps people to adapt to coaching approach in leadership
  • Encourage and positively challenge the individuals and teams to question their customary working habits and to evaluate working processes as well as customer focus-related issues
  • Supports to build interaction skills and ability to understand and face different types of people and diversity in general.

According to the feedback I have received I am an inspiring and supportive coach. My customers have thanked me especially for helping them to face more difficult issues in a positive manner. Lets’ build success together.

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