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Jason Staines

Executive Coach

Understanding and challenging my own thinking is at the heart of my training and leadership.

The core of Jason’s training and leadership development work is understanding and challenging one’s own thinking and actions. Leaders, through their own example, act as role models to their team and the broader organization. 

Jason is a convincing management team coach, who has the ability to make the management team members develop their own actions in a goal-oriented way. Jason is known for being energizing and participatory trainer and coach, who helps his clients to recognize and utilize their strengths, and surpass the obstacles, which hinder their development. Jason is an accomplished change-leader and a researcher of change-leadership. His working style incorporates a solid understanding of business, psychology and individual and team dynamics. Jason is also a professional, certified coach.

Jason has a broad background in developing leadership in companies such as Nokia Ltd. and Microsoft Ltd. Jason’s working language is English.

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