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Pauliina Hallama

Executive Coach

My mission is to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to grow and develop. By thinking and behaving in the same way as before we only achieve the same results as before. By learning new approaches – and ways of encountering each other – we create a basis for a brighter future. It is my honor to awaken people into this future.

The greatest achievements do not happen in a vacuum. All success is eventually based on high-quality interaction. Studying coaching, appreciative and effective interaction creates an environment where everyone has the opportunity to shine and realize themselves. Coaching interaction is part of human nature, but harnessing it often requires conscious and continuous practice. By facing each other more courageously and wisely we build foundations for an even brighter future.

Pauliina has accumulated her coaching experience for almost 20 years and has coached and trained thousands of people around the world, from industrial workers to top managers of large companies. Nowadays her specialty is supporting leaders, key people and the personnel of organizations in developing coaching leadership, and supporting various teams through team coaching methods.

Pauliina is specialized in building engaging and impactful interactions, which she strongly believes are the key to a better future. To find better answers, we must learn to ask better questions. Pauliina’s roots are in social psychology, and analyzing and modeling various phenomena related to human activity and interaction is a big treat for her. She truly enjoys working with different individuals and teams, and feels it is her honor to support and challenge their development towards their goals.

As a trainer and coach Pauliina is equipped with strong presence skills, crystal clear thinking and a superpower to quickly reach the essential. She is a versatile coach who, according to the situation, moves anywhere between gentle wisdom and inspiring drive – asking provocative questions along the way. Thanks to her experience, she is like a fish in water in an international and multicultural environment. Pauliina’s working languages are Finnish and English.

By education, Pauliina is a master in social sciences (VTM, social psychology), a certified coach (e.g. Systemic Business Coach®), a certified team coach (Systemic Team Coach®) and a training professional. In addition, Pauliina has studied management and leadership, work psychology, pedagogy and occupational safety, and has been certified to use e.g. the Coaching Leadership Pulse® leadership and team assessment tool. Pauliina is a member of the Finnish Coaching Association.

As a trainer and coach Pauliina

  • gets different individuals and groups excited about the topic at hand
  • creates a safe learning environment for her participants
  • challenges participants to think and act in a new way
  • designs and implements impactful training programs

“Pauliina has a good and clear approach to coaching and training, as well as an amazing ability to remember and apply various theories into practice and to answering questions. Thank you, Pauliina, for the excellent training days and for the humane way of conducting trainings and getting people to listen and openly discuss! Your training days have always been psychologically safe. Your training days have made me even more excited about my own work!”

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