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Where to get the perseverance to keep on going?


How do I focus on one thing at a time, when there are plenty of things to do? Where to find the motivation of doing things and finishing the tasks? Where to find enough perseverance?

One of the primary motivators is feedback from work. Feedback can take many forms and can have a variety of effects. Good and positive feedback can give all of us a lot of extra power to keep on going.

For example, consider a person who easily feels nervous in front of people and who has low self-esteem. However, in a situation, if there is someone who encourages the person by saying: “I believe that you will succeed. I would like to tell you, that I will be available for you when you are preparing…” In other words, positive support can change your attitude towards performing, and you might get the push needed to give it a try. The courage to try and give yourself a chance to succeed is a major source of motivation.

Critical feedback, respectively, we can feel that we are doing something meaningful.

Suppose that you are writing an article. After you write the first version of the article, you allow the article to be read by your colleague. You can take the critical feedback given by your colleague as a good and positive thing. The fact that a colleague is willing to use their precious time to help you in developing the articles can make you feel, that you are doing meaningful work.

The mindset you choose to have is critical. You can decide, that the one giving you the feedback regards the things you do so important, that he/she wants you to succeed.

In Finland, a lot of people complain that they don’t receive enough feedback. In those moments, we should remember our responsibility. You always have the possibility to ask feedback from your actions. Most of the time people want to give feedback if it is asked sincerely. Sometimes, however, it may be demanding to provide feedback, if we are not used to it. Therefore, it should be practiced together.

Another motivator is a clear goal. When you have a goal in mind, your actions will be naturally in line with the goal. Therefore, both short-term and long-term objectives should be kept updated every once in a while. Without goals, actions tend to become aimless wandering.

The third factor is the feeling you get when you manage to get things done. Once the task is completed, you can wipe it off from your to-do list. Now, energy is released towards other tasks.

In succeeding with this one, mastering and organizing your time is essential. To finish tasks, we have to make choices: How do you schedule your day? What tasks are the most time-consuming? What tasks do you perhaps choose not to do? etc.

If your goal is to finish tasks as fast as possible, then you need also to realize the fact that some other things might suffer a little bit or might be left undone for an amount of time.

If working and execution of what you do is the most important thing, other things and relationships will suffer. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you remember to balance things and leave some things undone because it is not possible to do everything.

At the end of the day, it is a question about your values. It is a question of what are the things that you make your priority, and what things might not be that essential. In these situations, you must remember the goals you set for yourself. Goals help you in situations where you need to choose between things, and they also help you clarify to yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If your goal is to bring things to completion as quickly as possible, then it is also to be understood by the fact that some other tasks may then suffer or become momentarily undone.

If you try to read all the emails you get daily and respond to all requests; you will not find any time just for thinking and planning the future. Understanding the big picture is much more important versus execution of all those daily tasks. Many of us have about a hundred to a thousand things to do. A big part of this stuff is made on autopilot. It is because of this reason that we often do unnecessary things or unnecessary work.

If you want to succeed, start using a daily or weekly prioritization method. In addition to that, at least 2-4 times a year we should both alone and with others stop to consider, what are the goal and fundamental mission of our work. Though these you will be able to manage to calm down and be satisfied with your work on a daily basis.

Meaningfulness of the Tasks

However, what is most important actually, is how meaningful working is for you. If the tasks you perform don’t give you any pleasure or doesn’t seem in any way relevant, not even good motivators will necessarily be able to help you.

If you are not satisfied with some aspect of your life, instead of settling and adapting you should try to make a change. It does not matter, what we do if we consider the things we do as meaningful or sensible. Then we are more optimistic and positive. We have a good vibe and loads of energy. Doing meaningful things energize us!

We always have options to choose from, because our lives are full of decision-making situations. We just need to become aware of those situations. Studies have shown that a person makes up to 50,000 decisions for one day only, but that we are only aware of a fraction of those.

Perseverance is Rewarded

If something is not easy for you, but you regardless of the fears and failures you have, you continue to try, you will be rewarded later on. If learning new things is difficult to you, but in spite of everything you tenaciously keep studying, eventually you will find out that you have learned something. It rewards. It is natural human happiness.

Conditions of Successful Motivation:

  1. Feedback from work
  2. Clear goals
  3. Successful finishing of tasks
  4. Ability to organize daily things
  5. Sense of meaningfulness

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