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Book review: Concrete tips for developing every manager’s work!


Stellar Management Teams book review by Kirsi Kannisto, Talouselämä

Stellar Management Teams (Johtoryhmästä tähtijoukkue) book is built around a clear framework of a five-pointed star. In the core of the star is trust – the limitless energy source of the management team.
The book works as a management team manual, that diagnoses the most common pressure points of working in a management team. The authors have listed twenty illnesses – such as Meeting syndrome, Sacred cow disease, Diversity indigestion, Novophobia, and Boss constipation – with proper guidelines on how to fix them as well.
Ristikangas and Rinne also give ready, functional workshop and reflection topics for developing your management team.

What is good about the book?

“Every manager and leader will get a lot of concrete tips on how to develop their work.”

Read the book review by Kirsi Kannisto, Talouselämä, (in Finnish) on Stellar Management Teams book here.

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