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Coaching Culture – Making it Real!


Creating A Coaching Culture – seminar was full of learning and new experiences while building supportive relationships for the future. I had the privilege to interview a couple attendees about professor David Clutterbuck’s presentation

Executive Director of the EU Chemical Agency Geertin Dancet, Aalto School of Science

Dancet Geert was aware and extremely interested in coaching, and he believed that his organization would greatly benefit from a short collective introduction into coaching. For it would increase the efficiency in the organization if everyone were to be on the same page. He also pointed out that Dr Clutterbuck was very interesting and effective in his concrete examples on how a manager can utilize coaching in different work settings.

Account director Sinikka Heikkala, Aalto University of Executive Education

Sinikka Heikkala on the other hand was very familiar with the concept of coaching. She has even trained herself to be an individual coach, but wants to perfect her abilities in team coaching. For Heikkala there were a couple of memorable ideas that Clutterbuck pointed out. She woes for couple ideas: the subordinate can write a letter to their manager every 3 months and wants to point out the alarming statistic that only 7% of the managers followed a proper management conduct. Therefore, Heikkala truly wants coaching culture could be brought into action from strategy and words? In her opinion it can be possible through a trusting atmosphere, through genuine interest in one another and when managers involve each member of the organization into the decision-making process.

Expert Mervi Matikainen, HENRY association

Mervi Matikainen knew about coaching in theory – she was aware of the basic understandings and ideas. However, after the seminar she was able to gain more insight and believes strongly that the administration must set example to its subordinates. Additionally, it is important to note that each and every member of the organization influences the system through their actions.

BoMentis, Coaching House Ltd. and HENRY organized the seminar together in the beautiful premises of Aalto University Executive Education in Helsinki on Wednesday 8th of April. The mission was to understand what coaching can create and what coaching culture truly means.

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