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Vesa Ristikangas achieves the highest level of ICF certification


Vesa Ristikangas, one of the co-founders of BoMentis Oy – Coaching House Finland, a leadership coach, and a seasoned coach trainer, has been awarded the ICF (International Coach Federation) title of MCC, the Master Certified Coach.

MCC is the highest level of certification within the ICF certification system, and achieving it requires years of work in the field of coaching. MCC-level coaches are highly trained and experienced, as the prerequisites for certification include completing over 200 hours of coaching training and conducting 2,500 hours of client coaching. MCC coaches possess a deep understanding of coaching core competencies and ethical guidelines, along with the ability to apply them effectively. MCC candidates must also submit two coaching recordings at the MCC level, which are rigorously assessed to demonstrate their comprehensive practical coaching skills and mastery of MCC criteria.

Currently, there are less than ten Master Certified Coaches in Finland, highlighting the significance of achieving this certification. Globally, only about 4% of coaches with ICF certification hold the MCC-level designation*.

Congratulations to Vesa on this outstanding achievement!


Explore the ICF certification system here (in Finnish): ICF-sertifiointijärjestelmä | BoMentis Coaching House, and learn more about BoMentis Coaching House’s coach-training offerings here: Coach Training | BoMentis Coaching House

*Source: International Coaching Federation, Jan 2022, Professional Coaches Membership and Credentialing Fact Sheet.



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