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Facilitation consists of both skill and emotion

Case Finnish Board of Education

Training program: Invigorating facilitator©

Facilitation requires skill and emotion. It is really important to remember, that the facilitator needs to have great presense and ensure the progress of the process. The facilitator must be able to sense, how the group discusses, to listen and the hear when is it time to stop and take a moment to focus on a certain topic and when is it time to move on. All of these skills we have learned in the Invigorating facilitator-training.

Maire Kokko

Maire Kokko was part of 80 or so experts and leaders from the Board of Education who went through BoMentis, Coaching House’s Invigorating facilitator© -training.

Some other feedback from the Invigorating facilitator participants

  • My self-confidence about the facilitator’s role strengthened after going through the training, I don’t need to be perfect, I will learn by doing 
  • I got concrete tools and tips on how to facilitate 
  • Best of the training was understanding the big picture about facilitation and the practical training
  • Positive experience, thank you! 
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