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Management Team – Leadership Coaching

Case Elisa Eesti Ltd

Towards a coaching leadership style

Kaija Teemagi; HR manager, and member of the board from Elisa Eesti elaborated how the company wanted to change their leadership culture into more of a coaching leadership style. To ensure the change throughout the organization, the first step was to train Elisa Eesti’s management team.

Collaboration with BoMentis

BoMentis was asked to design and run a five-day training process with interim assessments for Elisa Eesti’s management team in Estonia. The training took place over an initial 5 month period and was combined with interim assessments such Personal Resilience Profile and Coaching Leadership Pulse (CLP) which will be repeated after 6 months and discussed as individuals, team leaders and management team members to track concrete progress based on feedback.

New tools and approaches

During the process, the management team clarified and worked to improve the inner dynamics of the management team using the communication and coaching skills they developed in the program. This combination of learning through using new approaches/tools to address the team dynamics was a powerful combination. The team developed as individuals, as team leaders and as management team members simultaneously.

A successful development story

The results in Elisa Eesti were e.g. an increase in the coaching leadership skills and better internal communication in the management team. As team members identified remarkable positive changes in team dynamics and their personal development, they wanted us to deliver the training for team leaders as well.

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