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Coaching-based leadership analysis: Coaching Leadership Pulse® (CLP®) tools

Coaching Leadership Pulse®, CLP®  is a group of feedback tools created to develop coaching culture with customized assessments for leaders, influencers and team members. In addition, there is a comparison assessment, which analyses the changes in performance by comparing two evaluations. To formulate an understanding of the entire organization, there is a CLP executive summary report. The executive summary provides, for example, unit-by-unit comparative data on the status of coaching-based leadership.

Assessments created to develop a coaching culture

CLP® assessments are unique, because they combine both qualitative and quantitative assessment. In addition to the traditional qualitative knowledge, the assessment takes a look at the quantity of each behavior. For example, a leader can know how to give positive feedback, but does it a little too scarcely.

CLP® assessments are based on the core competencies of coaching-based leadership. The book Coaching-based leadership (Valmentava johtajuus, Ristikangas & Ristikangas 2019, 7th edition) has defined the core of coaching-based leadership.

Coaching-based leadership is a holistic approach to influence others and to be influenced. It embodies appreciative, participative and goal oriented collaboration, which liberates the individuals’ potential for the use of the group and the organization. Reciprocally, the group’s potential empowers each individual. Coaching leadership is grounded in mutual trust. It belongs to everyone.

Therefore, anyone can apply a coaching-based mindset in practice because it is not confined to any official leadership or management role. Feedback that focuses on the core competencies of coaching-based approach guides development in the right direction.

CLP® assessment tool for assessing coaching-based leadership

All Coaching Leadership Pulse® assessments

  • CLP® Manager
  • CLP® Influencer
  • CLP® Team Member
  • CLP® Comparison
  • CLP® Executive Summary

All CLP® assessments are available in Finnish, English and in Swedish. CLP® Manager is also available in Estonian.

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