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Team Coaching Experiences

Case Boehringer Ingelheim Finland

Training: Team Coaching

Amos Gyllenbögel, Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Finland opens up about his team coaching experiences to Anna Lönnroth. ”We saw very quickly that it was a good investment to bring in an external team coach. Even if it takes some time, team coaching, in the long term helps us to save time. Because of team coaching, we are now stronger as a team.”

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Impactful teamcoaching training

Training program: Systemic Team Coach©

The Systemic Team Coach® training process led by Vesa Ristikangas and Peter Peitsalo was extremely effective. Through the training, I have managed to build trust in my own abilities and knowledge. Thank you for the amazing trainers, who challenges us to find the essential in team coaching. Fundamental to our learning was the valuable positive feedback we gained from our trainers about our strengths.

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Great tools to coach individuals and teams

Case Orion Ltd.

Training program: Systemic Business Coach®, Systemic Mentorcoaching©

The Systemic Business Coach® training gave me as a HR director great tools to coach individuals and teams. Systemic thinking helped me to understand the different constantly changing forces that play a role within the organization. The training also gave me competences to succeed in change leadership. 

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Humans are Systemic Beings, who Influence and who are Influenced


Training Program: Systemic Business Coach®

I did some research and ended up choosing the Systemic Business Coach® training because I felt like the systemic approach was an intriguing way to look at the world and the way people interact. The training strengthened my assumptions about the importance of interaction.

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Courage to Utilize Coaching-based Leadership in Daily Work

Plan International

Training program: Businesscoaching Basic Skills©

Businesscoaching Basic Skills© training gave me tools to develop leadership practices in our whole organization. The training was extremely valuable for me in my work as an HR-Director.

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