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Increased awareness on leadership style

Case Raute Canada

Training: Leadership Development

An applicable training to Raute

Patrick Dronsky, President and Head of Engineering from Raute Canada attended BoMentis’s Leadership training. Raute sends people from staff and management to BoMentis training annually. Patrick has attended several other teamwork and management training workshops over the years.

I enjoyed the BoMentis training and found it useful. I was happy about how the training turned out. BoMentis was familiar with Raute’s business and organizational structure, which made the training very applicable to our organization. I related well to trainer Jason Staines and found him to be informative, effective, and personable.”

Importance of Role-playing and the Feedback Model

A distinct characteristic of BoMentis training compared to previous trainings Patrick has attended included practical sections with role-playing. Role-playing in BoMentis training is used to mimic “real world like” challenging situations and then practice how to handle them in the safe training environment.

I found them useful. BoMentis’s trainers had found a way to make these exercises useful and memorable. I think about the learnings from the role-playing practices quite often.”

The best part about the training was the Feedback Model©, which Patrick found effective. Patrick found the Feedback Model’s segments, where the participants learn how to identify the impacts of the observed behavior and then request for change in that behavior especially helpful.

Coaching Leadership Pulse® and training increased awareness of leadership style

Another valuable part of the training was the 180° leadership evaluation tool; the Coaching Leadership Pulse® assessment. Patrick found the assessment to be informative, and it gave Patrick information on his leadership style and where to invest his time considering his style, and where to make efforts to communicate better with others.

After attending BoMentis training, I have applied the insights and learnings into my daily life. When I speak with others, I always try to be aware of how I am being perceived and understood, and if my message and style is effective. The BoMentis training made me more aware of both of these factors.”

Some other concrete examples of what Patrick gained from the training include the capability  to know how to better ask for change and deal with difficult conversations.

Highly recommended training

Patrick would recommend a BoMentis training especially to people who are starting to manage people or those who have been in a managing careers for less than 10 years.

BoMentis training is a great training for people to start their managing career on the right path.”

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