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Without appreciation you cannot inspire


What are the problems management teams facing?

Management teams face the same problems as all teams around the world: common goals and joint decisions are lacking, interaction is of low quality and the team members do not feel valued. These issues need to be solved, if the team wants to be successful.

What is the most important issue to tackle in management team?

When it comes to a management team, these issues are crucial not only for the success of the management team but also for the whole organization. If the management team lacks common goal, the whole organization can be drifting along.

In out book Stellar management team, there are some techniques how to ensure that all management team members are committed and inspired by the common goal. The key is to openly discuss about the goals and set the goals in a way, so that everyone in the management team feels that he or she can relate to them.

Although not having a common goal is the most important issue to be resolved, the most difficult one is the lack of ones feeling of appreciation. If the management team members do not feel that they are appreciated, they will neither follow the set common goals, nor give their ultimate best to the team, which is required for the team to be a stellar management team. Setting up an appreciative tone in the management team is the most important task of the leader of the management team. All the other issues can only be resolved after the feeling of appreciation is restored.

Struggle finding common direction or appreciative tone for your management team?

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