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VLOG: Mentors core competencies | David Clutterbuck

Are you aware of the core competencies of a mentor? Professor David Clutterbuck gives his insights on the topic.


The role of wisdom in the coach/mentor -AI partnership

In all the major models of human maturity, two qualities recur constantly: wisdom and connectedness. Wisdom, as exemplified by the original mentor, Athene, relates to the process of reflection upon and learning from experience. The scope of wisdom is therefore associated with and to some extent limited by the range of experiences, to which a person is exposed, either directly or vicariously, intendedly or unintendedly.


Helping your coachee develop resilience

In challenging working environments, resilience is increasingly an essential competence. People, who are resilient, are better able to cope with unexpected change, with setbacks and disappointments, with high stress environments and with periods of excessive workload.


The core traits of truly effective coaches, mentors and leaders

A vast amount has been written about the competencies of coaches and mentors, and even more about the qualities of great leaders. Much of this is contradictory and dependent on circumstance or context.


What every HR director should know about coaching and mentoring strategy

Although overall spend on training and development has in many organisations been capped or declined during the recession, coaching and mentoring appear to have at least held their own and actually become a more critical part of the L&D offering.


Gaining and keeping commitment from the top to your coaching and mentoring strategy

It’s evident that a coaching and mentoring strategy – especially if the aim is to create a coaching and mentoring culture – requires the sustained support and energy of an organization’s leaders.


How mentoring can facilitate mergers

The immediate aftermath of a merger poses a number of major challenges. While many of these challenges relate to integration of systems and structures, the people challenges are often the most difficult and long lasting.

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