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Towards a Stellar Management Team

Regardless of the current state of the management team (poorly functioning, satisfactory, good, or high performance), development is always possible. It is a process that involves the whole group.


VLOG: Responsibility back to the team

If there are issues in the team, what should the team coach do? Professor David Clutterbuck gives his tips.


When the captain and his crew are blindfolded

As a top management team aims for the stars, it might end up landing on the moon, if the core of its teamwork is not good enough.


VLOG: How to maximize unused potential in management team?

Professor David Clutterbuck discusses with our trainer Anna Lönnroth how to maximize the potential within the management team. Find out what are prof. Clutterbuck's views management team development. Contact us to get an offer for management team development processes.


VLOG: Does the management team need to learn constantly?

Professor David Clutterbuck discusses with our trainer Anna Lönnroth whether the management team needs to learn constantly. Find out how Clutterbuck questions the management teams he coaches into proving to them that learning is important throughout ones career, and especially the higher up the organizational ladder one gets. Contact us to get an offer for management team development processes.


High performance management team 5 core traits

Professor David Clutterbuck discusses with our trainer Anna Lönnroth his insights on the factors of a high performance management team, a true stellar management team. Do you know what they are? David uses his top team performance model called PERILL. Find out what it stands for! Contact us to get an offer for management team development processes.


Without appreciation you cannot inspire

Management teams face the same problems as all teams around the world: common goals and joint decisions are lacking, interaction is of low quality and the team members do not feel valued. These issues need to be solved, if the team wants to be successful.


Helping your coachee develop resilience

In challenging working environments, resilience is increasingly an essential competence. People, who are resilient, are better able to cope with unexpected change, with setbacks and disappointments, with high stress environments and with periods of excessive workload.


Power distribution and its impact on team performance

The impact of power differentials on how teams and groups work is not as straightforward as it might seem. Having a mix of powerful and less powerful people in a team, or having a team composed entirely of powerful people can both have a negative impact on performance (Angus et al, 2016).


When not to coach a team?

Just as happened with coaching individuals, as team coaching becomes more mainstream, the assumption emerges that it is some kind of cure-all for team problems. Of course it’s not, but team coaches increasingly bring to supervision issues relating to how they manage client team and sponsor expectations about what can and can’t be delivered.


Why leading change just keeps getting more complicated

There are thousands of studies and books on managing change or leading change. The former tend to focus on ways to work with and overcome people’s resistance; the latter on creating a vision that people can sign up to and engage with. Of course, both these perspectives are important and indeed implementing change usually requires both.


Becoming a Team Coaching Master

I had the privilege to meet David Clutterbuck, the father of coaching, at an in-depth three-day team coaching training in Lithuania. I was lucky to learn about the keys to successful team coaching and how to create sustainable, long lasting results for the organization. Inspired by his knowledge, I interviewed him on the importance of teams in organizations and on his thoughts about coaching on a global scale.

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