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Benefits of Systemic Coaching Skills


I’ve worked as an individual coach and trainer as well as a development manager in an expert organization for years. One thing I’ve learned during last years is, that no matter what the business is, organizations need to learn new skills to cope with rapid changes of the world. These changes have a strong impact on both organizations’ external environment as well as to their inner dynamics. As a successful leader or organizational developer, you have to have enough understanding about these changes and their impacts. Learning systemic coaching skills can help you with that.

Even though systemic coaching isn’t a solution for everything, mastering it gives you a huge advantage to lead people, teams and whole organizations through changes. With systemic understanding you’ll be able to set brilliant goals and by coaching, motivate others to reach out for it.

Two reasons to learn systemic coaching skills

Skills of systemic coaching are truly useful in organizations’ daily life because systemic coaching is not just goal or task-oriented, but includes the analyze of organization’s phenomena and relationships. The work is based on coachees interests and agenda. This is also a perfect setting for coaching leadership!

There are two major themes where systemic coaching skills are particularly useful.

  1. Unleash the potential that lie in an organization.
  2. Unravel wicked problems.

Both of themes are common and have a great impact on how successful organization is or how satisfied employees are.

Unleash the potential of your personnel. One of the key questions in organizations is how to unleash the potential of the personnel? As a coaching leader, you are not the one, who knows all the answers. Instead, you help your team and colleagues to use their skills and know-how in their work. By doing that, you promote their professional growth that will be for the benefit of the organization.

Unravel wicked problems. The dynamics of human systems are complex and the roots of problems may at times lie really deep. With systemic coaching skills you’ll have both understanding about the systemic issues and tools to work with them. With coaching skills, you’ll be able to help others to use their talent to solve problems. This will also be a cornerstone of cultural development. By adopting coaching leadership style, organizations will turn into positive, meaningful and appreciative.

Dare to look deeper

Coaching skills are the future of organizational development and organizational change. Whether you work as a leader, HR or executive, mastering systemic coaching skills will benefit you and your organization.

Coaching House’s core competencies lie in our understanding of group dynamics and systemic thinking, which we utilize in all our trainings and also at our workshops at Dare to Learn on 18thand 19thof September. Come and learn new skills. Results will be outstanding!

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