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Team Coaching Experiences

Case Boehringer Ingelheim Finland

Training: Team Coaching

In the video Executive Coach Anna Lönnroth discusses with Amos Gyllenbögel, Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Finland about his team coaching experiences.

We saw very quickly that it was a good investment to bring in an external team coach. Even if it takes some time, team coaching, in the long term helps us to save time. Because of team coaching, we are now stronger as a team.”

1.15 What led you to bring in a team coach?

1.41 What concerns did you have bringing in an outsider?

2.36 How did the team coaches address your concenrs?

3.23 In practice, what did the team coach do to engage the team?

3.59 At what point during the team coaching process did you first sense significant change?

5.11 Where there any points you felt worried?

5.59 What were the major outcomes from the team coaching?

7.08 What do you think the team is able to do now on its own without the support of the team coach, that it wasn’t able to do before?

8.22 How does e.g. talking about expectations, and giving feedback within the team actually affect your business?

9.33 What kind of advice would you give a team leader who is considering bringing in team coaching?

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