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Organizations do not exist, but people do!


Organizations do not exist…

But people do! It sounds radical but it is not. Accepting this is the key to understanding what the future holds for us and therefore for organizational development.

The bad news are, that when you start talking about organizational development, people start to yawn. “Only buzz words, this again, empty words and no content”, is what you hear people saying about organizational development. Organizational development is associated with bureaucracy, IT systems, charts and endless PowerPoint presentations. Blahblahblah, so to say. But if we forget the jargon and really look at what organizational development means, we find something completely different.

First: what is an organization? An organization is not a chart in PowerPoint presentation, a building or some other hardware. An organization is nothing more or less than the people it comprises of. Organizations are made of different individuals, who bring in their experiences, talents and abilities to the organization where they work. People are the organization and organizations are the people.

Organizations do not evolve, as they are not living things, whereas people are and do. Organizational development is supporting, understanding and unleashing the potential of the people who are working in the organization.

Finding the hidden potential of the people working in your organization is the first step of developing your organization. Only when all the skills of the employees are in use the organization can develop for the better. Having all the skills in use is not simple, because people are used to using only some of their potential. How do you then find the capabilities and the strengths of your organization? In the end it is about the nature and quality of the organization’s discussion culture. The basis of the discussion culture is how well individuals can make questions and activate their own, their colleagues and organization’s shared thinking.

Try one the following questions in order to improve the quality of your discussions:

  • When was the last time, that you were proud of yourself? What did you do then? What made that experience possible?
  • Who in your team influences the team’s success positively? Who in your team should collaborate more? Whose collaboration would have the most positive effect on your work or your team’s work?

Coaching House will be hosting two workshops in Dare to Learn event. In the first workshop on the 18th of September, you’ll learn more about finding potential in other people around you. By coming to our workshop, you will take the first step in developing your organization to the next level! In our second workshop on the 19th of September, you will deepen your understanding on how and why systemic thinking is essential to your organization’s growth!

Come to our workshops, and you will get hands on practice and something to take away back to your own organization as well!

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