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Pillar Cards®

Make coaching-based leadership culture a reality! Coaching tool to use in daily leadership activities.

Make coaching-based leadership culture a reality

Pillar Cards® are Finland’s most influential coaching tool. Use in daily leadership activities, individual and team coaching, supervision, goal setting and in performance appraisals.

The Pillar Cards® are based on the Pillar Model® (Valmentava johtajuus, Alma Talent, 7. edition, 2019). By utilizing the Pillar model®, you will be able to enhance your thinking, prioritize your activities, solve daily struggles and overcome uncertainty by activating a concrete action plan.

Pillar Cards® is a tool developed by BoMentis designed to support the application of coaching-based leadership in daily activities. The Pillar Cards® consists of 52 question cards and 18 joker cards, which offer an excellent way to activate the coachees thinking, and help them to engage in the actions necessary for the accomplishment of their respective goals.

Pillar Cards®  consists of: 

  • 52 question cards
  • 18 joker cards
  • Instructions

By using Pillar Cards®

  • the quality of the thought of the coachee improves
  • coaching culture will be realized
  • everyday problems will be solved
  • willingness to activate activities increases


Pillar Cards® in english:
65 € + delivery charges 10 € (+ VAT 24%) 

Make coaching leadership culture a reality.

Ask for an offer for multiple card decks from;

Pillar Cards® are available in Finnish and in English.

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