Individual and team development has been amongst the most important things throughout my career. My mission as a coach has been to support my customers to learn new skills and be able to unleash their potential. I also believe that vital components of a successful organisation include implementing a coaching leadership style and a mindset of continuous learning. 

I’ve worked as a trainer, coach and supervisor since 2007. I’ve also worked as a leader in expert organisations and trained myself in evaluation methods and quality management. I love to find new ways to make work life and leadership better. That’s why I’ve trained both coaches and supervisors to gain new skills.

In team and organizational development, I use a systemic and psychodynamic approach. With these theories and methods, it’s possible to gain deep understanding about the complexity of organisations and to support permanent positive changes. One of the core motivating factors for me is to see the positive changes in my customers.

My over 20 years of experience working with individual and organisational well-being has given me a unique perspective to understand the laws of professional development. I’ve also attained a great deal of insight about group and organizational dynamics. I particularly enjoy when I get to learn something new and when I am able to influence others learning processes positively. I want to be involved in developing better work life and life management. That’s why I’m planning to write a common-sense book about the systemic approach and how to use that in working with individuals and organizations.

I’ve been a member of the board of Finnish Coaching Federation since 2016. From 2018 I’ve worked as a chairman of the board of the ethical committee (Finnish Coaching Federation, ICF Finland & EMCC Finland).

My working languages are Finnish and English.

I am a Master of Social Services, specialized in talent management and welfare technology. I’m also certified coach of leaders and executives (Master CSLE) and trainer of coaches (Master TSC).

As an executive and leadership trainer Peter
  • Trains leaders in coaching leadership skills
  • Encourages groups to develop into stellar teams
  • Creates possibilities for development of coaching leadership culture
  • Helps his customers to gain systemic understanding

Peter´s CV

Peter Peitsalo


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